How To Strengthen A Brand With Promotional Products

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Brand With Promotional Products

How To Strengthen A Brand With Promotional Products

Building a brand by use of promotional products is a tried and tested idea that is highly effective. These are products that bear the company’s logo and are used around the company workplace or gifted to customers. The most common products are clothing, bags, desktop items, accessories of all kinds; computer, automotive, and other items that are highly visible and which guarantee exposure of the brand’s logo. Having promotional items is a must for any company that wants to place itself firmly in the client’s memory. The easiest items to brand are accessories that especially have every day uses, for example, a mouse pad.

This is a powerful method of sending subliminal messages, which have been found to be very effective in advertising. A person using a common item such as a pen with a company logo will have this image go gradually into the subconscious. When he or she goes out shopping, he or she is more likely to pick a pen with a similar logo. Promotional items are easy to brand and most often are inexpensive accessories. The keychain, for example, is a classic item. It is cheap to brand and can be gifted at a small cost. However, the client is in constant touch with it. This is like having the attention of the client at all times.

When picking an item to brand and gift, the company should concentrate on some key considerations;

• An item the client will have on every day or constant use of. This maintains brand exposure.

• An easy to brand item and at a low cost. For example, a baseball cap is easier to brand than shoes.

• The item should have the brand is well visible at all times. Printing a logo on socks will not have good exposure as putting it on a baseball cap.

• The item should speak of the status of a company. Though it is meant to be a gift, if it is cheap and useless, it really reflects badly on the image of the company.

Promotional products should really start at company level. This is where the client first gets to see the brand. Most companies have color themes. These are the colours clients mostly identify a company with. Alongside the company logo, these colours are on the walls of offices, cars, and the corporate clothing. Uniforms especially are a great way to build a brand. Many fliers for example will easily spot the crimson uniform of Virgin Atlantic airways.

Corporate uniforms also speak strongly about the company. An attractive thought-out design and color gives a professional image. A poorly cut and designed uniform says the company might not be very sure of what it is doing. Uniforms also signify that the company sees itself as one.

Corporate wear alongside other branded items when constantly exposed to the client, will familiarize the brand to an extent that choice of the brand comes as second nature. The use of branded items for promotion has been in existence since the advent of large scale printing methods. The items to be branded keep growing in number. It only takes good imagination to have great promotional items with good exposure of the company logo and brand.

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