The Best Tools to Make a Website, Easily

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The Best Tools to Make a Website, Easily

Every business and brand needs a website, that goes without question. But where to begin? The choices can be downright overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Your best bet for your first website is to use an easy web building tool and either use a theme or (if you have the budget and the vision) hire a designer. Here are the best ways to go about it.

1. Get Started On Your Own

To start off, many people will suggest you use WordPress because it’s best-known option for simple, free, single-page websites. To upgrade from the basic WordPress themes, you can browse sites like elegantthemes, which offer affordable WordPress designs that can class up your webpage significantly. If WordPress isn’t for you, you can explore Tumblr or Blogger, which have a similar, one-page/tabbed layout to WordPress.

There are several other popular options for simple and customizable websites with their own perks; Yola offers over 100 templates that are easy to fill out, and also allows paid users to integrate PayPal, Google Maps, Flickr and other useful 3rd party services. Jimdo is another good option, although monthly subscribers unlock the best templates and tools, which very clearly guide you through how to build your own page (a good option if you want to diverge from the same ‘ol templates).

For a more edgy look, you can opt for services like Wix, which provide simple and easy Flash templates to create an attractive webpage for free (just remember that you may alienate some users who don’t have Adobe Flash).

For the more tech savvy of you, there are services like Google Sites, which is free but requires a decent knowledge of coding.

2. Hiring a Designer or Developer

If you really want to make sure your site is original, you can hire a designer/developer to create your website on Elance, which has hundreds of thousands of Web developers and graphic designers willing to work on one-off projects. The best way to do this quickly and on a budget, is to find a website that you like (the basic framework/elements of it), and have the developer build out from that basic structure. You can also get creative with a site like 99designs, where you can set up a contest for designers to compete to create the design of your website (and you can guide them along the way) and the winner is paid your “prize” money.

These options are best if you have a pretty clear idea of the style and layout you want for your website; if not, I’d highly suggest sticking to the themes and customizable pages offered by WordPress, Yola and the others above.

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